Brad's Book -

"If You Are Suddenly Single"

A Helpful Guide for Widows on How to Handle Your Finances After the Death of Your Spouse


Brad Ledwith has written this authoritative guide especially for widows, to help you prioritize and navigate through the many financial issues that you will need to address in the aftermath of your loss.

This book contains insights and strategies gleaned from Brad's years of working with widows, along with illuminating case stories compiled from his clients' experiences. Also sprinkled throughout are thoughts from some of Brad's clients – things they would like to share with new widows on what they have learned from their own journeys through this proceses. Brad has also included practical advice and guidelines on financial issues that should be addressed right away and those issues on which important decisions should be postponed. There is information on choosing a team of advisors and initial questions to ask them. And there are checklists and time lines to assist you as well.

In addition to a wealth of practical information, perhaps one of the most important things this book has to offer is hope. From his own personal experience and from the journeys of his clients, Brad communicates his confidence that you can get through this. He believes that you do have the strength within yourself to meet this challenge, to go through the steps of this process and eventually move forward into a good future life.

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