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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our Hands-On Approach to Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning is a vital component of your financial portfolio. At Ledwith Financial Wealth Management, we put several tools at your disposal, including the experience of our advisors and a myriad of internal resources:

  • Financial strategies tailored to your goals
  • Short- and long-term investment plans
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Integrated technology

Our team works closely with you to ensure that your financial plan address  your needs today and in the future.

A Variety of Resources at Your Fingertips

Finances Simplified is an online tool that gives you quick access to your financial accounts, portfolios, and other records. This interactive solution streamlines our collaborative work toward  your goals.

Portfolio Analysis & Optimization is necessary to ensure that your investments are appropriately on track. With both active and passive management options, you can determine how involved you want to be in establishing your objectives and determining your risk tolerance.

Guided Wealth Portfolios are digital solutions that give you a way to directly make and control investments through exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. These solutions tend to be low-cost options with low startup minimums. Our advisors guide you through this personalized, online investing tool until you decide to move forward on your own.

A Guiding Hand Through Your Most Complicated Financial Decisions

The factors and potential risks that affect your growing wealth come from many directions. The advisors at Ledwith Financial Wealth Management have the necessary experience to guide you through basic and complex situations. Reach out to us today at 408-778-3000 or online.


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